I am currently pursuing my Masters degree at the National University of Singapore. At present, I am interested in how conflicting evaluations can influence our attitudes, and how the overall attitudes and its properties may further affect the later behaviors.

Primarily, I focus and work on social- and health-related topics using experimental design, survey design, and social media analytics. I hope to integrate these understandings with knowledge on dyadic and cross-cultural research.

I mainly use SPSS and R in my analyses.


  • Attitudes and Persuasion Related Research
  • Health Communications
  • Close Relationships
  • Cultural Differences


  • M. Soc. Sci. in Psychology, Expected 2020

    National University of Singapore

  • B. Soc. Sci. (Hons) in Psychology (Highest Distinction), Expected 2020

    National University of Singapore



Using Rstudio and Jupyter notebook


Statistics for Social Sciences

Experimental and Survey Design

Qualtrics, Medialab, Amazon M-Turk

Scientific Writing

APA Format


Past research related experiences


Student Research Assistant at Department of Psychology, Quantitative Psychology Lab

Lab Director: Professor Mike Cheung

Aug 2020 – Present Singapore
  • Systematic review on non-linear growth model, missing data in meta-analysis
  • Data extraction-related tasks

Part-Time Research Assistant (data)

Social Service Research Centre

Aug 2019 – Present Singapore
  • Data cleaning, data analyses, and writing syntax to simplify data-related research

    • Tools used: SPSS, simple Python (e.g., scikit-learn)
  • Other administrative-related tasks


Lab Member at Group for Persuasion and Evaluative Processes

Lab Director: A/P Michelle See

May 2019 – Present Singapore
  • Recruitment and training of research assistants (e.g., statistical analyses, experimental design and material creation)
  • Provided guidance to honours thesis and independent research project (IRP) students on experimental design, analyses, and report writing.
  • Coordinate bi-weekly lab meetings.
  • Conduct independent research related to attitudinal ambivalence.

Research Intern

DSO National Laboratories

May 2019 – Jul 2019 Singapore
  • Systematic review on psychosocial factors’ (e.g., personality) predictive utility for a broad range of behaviours
  • Assisted in sentiment analyses and explored possible explanations for outputs

Research Intern

Ministry of Defence

May 2018 – Jul 2018 Singapore
  • Reviewed and synthesized current research related to mental stresses and big data analytic techniques.

  • Examined the utility of a big-data approach towards predicting mental health outcomes from a range of biopsychosocial factors.


Research Assistant at Group for Persuasion and Evaluative Processes

Lab Director: A/P Michelle See

May 2017 – May 2019 Singapore
  • Designed and created materials for computerized experiments related to attitudinal research.

    • Tools used: Medialab, Qualtrics, Photoshop
  • Data collection, data cleaning, and data analyses for several research studies.

    • Tools used: SPSS, R
  • Participant reimbursement and other research-related administrative processes.


Research Intern

Early Childhood Development Agency

May 2017 – Jul 2017 Singapore
  • Review extant literature for relationship between the relationship of teacher qualifications and teaching quality
  • Weigh advantages among major international education system’s curriculum and the existing benchmarks for preschool teachers’ entry.

Research Intern

Singapore Prison Service

Feb 2013 – Jun 2013 Singapore
  • Systematic review on extant literature related to enhancing mental resiliency among correctional officers.
  • Develop self-help tools targeted for enhancing officers’ mental resiliency.

Posters and Publications

Presented posters and publications can be found here

The Interactive Influence of Individuals’ Initial Attitudes and Affective-Cognitive Persuasion on Fruits and Vegetables Consumption

Although past research showed that one’s initial attitudes can affect persuasion, few studies have explored this relationship by …


Coming soon


Academic and Research-Related Accomplishments

FASS Graduate Research Support Scheme

  • Research grant given to support relevant research studies related to the completion of the Masters Program
  • Awarded Amount: SGD 1500

Dean’s Scholar List and Dean’s List

Recognition given by the faculty for being in the top 1% and top 5% of the academic cohort for the semester.

  • Dean’s Scholar List

    • AY17/18 Sem 1
    • AY18/19 Sem 1
  • Dean’s List

    • AY17/18 Sem 1 & 2
    • AY18/19 Sem 1

Singapore Prison Service Psychology Prize

  • Top student in course AY2017/18

Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship

  • Scholarships are given to students with excellent academic results, strong in co-curricular activities and display leadership qualities

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